RTI Desk - RTI-001

RTI 001 - CosmosHack and card network penalties Field Value RTI ID RBIND/R/2018/54595 Date of Filing 14/09/2018 PIO Reserve Bank of India Subject Card Hack & Penalties Query 1. Continue reading (200 words)...


Salient Features / Notes

  • Cashless Consumer is a 16 character phrase that lets people know what consumer rights are in digital payments
  • The card represent card, chip, qr code modes of payment and the background represents a fair balance of rights between consumers and institutions
  • 811 signifies Nov 8, demonetisation day
  • The CC on card signifies both CashlessConsumer and that its licensed under Creative Commons.

  • Get your Cashless Consumer card now, for free

CC Card Front CC Card Back

Card design by Veeven. V