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RTI 012 - Regulatory clarity on eSign after Aadhaar Verdict

Field Value
RTI ID CONCA/R/2018/50020
Date of Filing 16/10/2018
PIO Controller of certifying Authorities (CCA)
Subject Regulatory clarity on use of eSign after Aadhaar Verdict
Query Further to the Aadhaar judgement by the Supreme Court constitutional bench Please provide information on updates to rules, regulations made by CCA related to eSign Service Providers.

1. Whether CCA approves use of Aadhaar authentication / eKYC by Private eSign Service Providers (ESP)

2. if so under what law or regulation

3. if not, please provide details of steps taken by CCA in cancelling the licenses of private eSign providers.
Response 1. As a requirement for e-authentication using e-KYC services, ESP should adhere to e-KYC compliance requirements independently. The applicable e-KYC service provider for eSign is UIDAI (Aadhaar e-KYC services).

2. -do-

3. Other than CA license, no seperate license has been given to eSign service providers (ESP)
Date of Response 13/11/2018
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Notes RTI, CCA, Aadhaar, eSign, eMandate